The civic social network
FirstLife is a civic social network developed to create, share and exchange inforamtion among public and private actors involved in social activities, commercial and entertaiment and in the management of local services. At different scales, from squares to towns and beyond. FirstLife is a crowdsourcing platform based on an interactive map. It talks about activities and projects associated to places. You can interact with other users participating to discussions, thematic groups and events.

FirstLife allows users to create newsfeed on places on the map, rather than on a personal page. Citizens, associations, institutions can post on the map points of interest, events, news, stories, and to create groups. They appear on the newsfeed of the area you are visualizing and they are filtered via a temporal window. Users can subscribe to entities to receive updates and become members of groups, so to coordinate with each other in a bottom up fashion.

The project is developed by the “Social Computing” research group of Dipartimento di Informatica of Università di Torino, lead by Prof. Guido Boella. FirstLife wants to connect reality and virtuality and stimulate and enable social change, co-production and self organization at a local scale and to define new forms of cooperation to improve life in the town.

One technology for many projects
FirstLife addresses many open problems concerning representation of resources of the territory, to build a common ground to debate, discover and collaborate.

A platform for public action and coordination on the territory
For actors on the territory
FirstLife is a new CIVIC SOCIAL NETWORK , public, free, and with a focus on the town scale

A platform for public acting
The public dimension of CITIZEN WITH HIS NETWORK: personal, professional and territorial. This is our point of reference

Co-designed with the territory
A GREAT COLLECTIVE PROJECT to create a NETWORK of ALL ACTIVE REALITIES on the territory and an engine to activate citizenship and SOCIAL INNOVATION

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Anche il #MAcA di #Torino al fianco di #WeGovNow per "Progettiamo insieme Parco Dora".

Aiuta la città di Torino a rendere Parco Dora un luogo più attraente e più vicino alle esigenze di chi lo vive. Un percorso di progettazione partecipata pensato per tutta la cittadinanza, in particolare per i giovani.

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#FirstLife con #Piuma ... See MoreSee Less

#FirstLife con #Piuma
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