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FirstLife participates in collaboration with ASCOM in Turin City Love, making available the map of the merchants who make home delivery

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The Computer Science department of University of Turin has created the platform FirstLife, a special kind of civic social network focused on cities. The project is developed by the Social Computing group, a multi-disciplinary team coordinated by professor Guido Boella.

FirstLife is a free and public platform to boost participatory planning at the local scale, to facilitate self-organize initiatives developing collaborative practices between citizens, public and private local actors.

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During the Covid-19 emergency FirstLife was made available within the initiative “Torino City Love”, promoted by the municipality of Torino, in order to allow citizens, institutions, merchants, associations to coordinate and share information using the interactive map.

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gE.CO – Generative European Commons Living Lab

gE.CO Living Lab aims at studying, for the first time, the economic and legal framework of formal and informal organizations born after the global crisis in Europe: hubs, fab-labs, co-creation spaces, social centres created in regenerated urban voids.

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Guido Boella

Scientific Coordinator

Claudio Schifanella

Project Manager / Backend Developer

Cristina Viano

Project Officer

Luigi Sanasi

Senior Frontend Developer

Alberto Rondelli

Frontend Developer

Giulia Monticone

Frontend Developer

Alessandro Rosso


Eloheh Mason

Web Education and Public Participation

Alessia Maraucci

Project Assistant

Alice Ruggeri

Requirements Analyst

Monica Cerutti

Social Inclusion and Equal Opportunities