N.E.O.N. - Not Excluded from Our Neighbourhood

Published on Nov 03, 2020 by Guido Boella


A group of young people in Torino to identify and contrast hate messages on the territory, with the support of CSV Vol.To – Sportello GioVe. Actions:

1) Make photos to catalogue and map degraded spaces in the 5th district, or mapping graffiti with hate messages – with the civic social network FirstLife;

2) Collect and analyse material elaborating creative answers to hate messages;

3) Organization of workshop and recreational activities as street art, protography, film-making, painting, acting,miming.

4) Final event and initiatives for active citizenship as CommonsHood, a wallet app based on blockchain and integrated with FirstLife, for actions of financial inclusion in the neighborhoods involved.

NEON is a _”SOlidarity Project“_ financed by the program “European Solidarity Corps”.

Partner: CSV Vol.To - Sportello Gio.ve, IIS Peano, Università di Torino - Dipartimento di Informatica

Duration: October 2020 - September 2021