SEeS@W - Sensing Safety at Work

Published on Sep 17, 2020 by Guido Boella


The project, financed by Piemonte Region, tackled the topic of Safety at work with an interdisciplinary approach, integrating the use of sensors with data produced by workers and collected with an interactive map.

The project addressed enterprises, research centers, workers and everyone involved in services related to safety at work. In particular turns to isolated workers and open space perceived as uncomfortable, with a special focus on laboratories in hospitals and universities.

Main objectives of the project: to collect data by workers to identify and manage risks factors in a working environment; to develop innovative solutions for safety at work integrating environmental sensors, an interactive online map enriched by users, questionnaires and interviews.

FirstLife alllowed a collaborative mapping of internal hospital environments, with information collected directly by workers following a participatory approach. FirstLife data were integrated with sensors data, surveys and interviews. The Open Data collected are available on the Smart Data Platform.