Urban Alphabet

Published on Oct 18, 2020 by Guido Boella


The purpose of the project is to increase the cultural offer in Borgo Vittoria e Madonna di Campagna, two neighbourhoods in the city of Turin, creating a shared Urban Alphabet. This represents a connection between different cultures, and uses music and theatre workshops as a different way to live school and public spaces.

The Computer Science Department supports the participatory process for urban and cultural regeneration actions with FirstLife. The map shows the places identified by students as relevant for micro urban regeneration activities, and reports on the actions and workshops done.

Partner: CPIA1 (Center for Adult Learning); Associations Laqup, Minollo, Eta Beta, Faber Teater; District 5 of Turin, University of Turin - Dept. of Computer Science

Duration: 2019-2020

Homepage: https://alfabeto-urbano.it/

Firstlife: https://alfabetourbano.firstlife.org/wall?entityName=&entityType=&categoriesId=&tagName=&drawing=false&entityOwner=&fromApp=&coords=854071.5198361471,5637194.934024512,14