Published on Jan 21, 2018 by Guido Boella


Co-city is the winner of the first Urban Innovation Action Call of EU.

Co-city is intended to break the self-reinforcing circle of poverty, social segregation in deprived neighbourhoods and lack of participation. It achieves this by supporting the development of an innovative, polycentric “commons-based urban welfare” composed of generative communities centred on urban commons, low-cost service co-production, social mixing, and care of public spaces.

Co-city is innovative in its legal, managerial and technological aspects, providing:

  • an unconventional legal framework to enable citizens to take care of urban commons

  • an innovative ICT infrastructure for local social market and networking

  • management tutoring towards economic sustainability

The authoritative approach is replaced by a collaborative one that considers citizens as potential changemakers, agents of virtuous circular processes of commoners’ welfare. Meanwhile, the public sector evolves from being a service provider to being an enabler and a partner.

Within Co-city, the University of Turin is responsible for the Co-city Toolkit (WP4), involving different departments, such as the Department of Computer Science, Law, Economics, Culture, Politics and Society.

More information can be found here and here, for the site project click here.