Who we are

FirstLife is defined as civic social network, focused on communities at different scale and their needs (a nation, a city, a neighbourhood). Compared with traditional social network, the main core in FirstLife is not the personal sphere of individuals but the “citizen” that participate actively to the public life in his community.

It is not a commercial product for profit, as the most part of social network. At the opposite FirstLife is a collective project developed by University in cooperation with associations, local authorities, citizens, companies. FirstLife was born in 2012 as a platform for public activities, constantly improved to fit different requirements and needs from local entities, placing itself as useful tool for active citizenship and social innovation.

In the last year FirstLife was part of different European project with international partners and local initiatives with Comune of Torino. Some projects are related to co-design and co-management of social goods, governance, mapping activities with schools.