CANP - La Casa nel Parco

Published on Oct 25, 2020 by Guido Boella


The project proposes ICT solutions to manage health processes, telemedicine and telemonitoring focusing on home healthcare in the contest of the forthcoming opening of the Health, Research And Innovations Parks in Turin and Novara.

The project adopts a cross-disciplinary and human-centered approach for implementing advanced technologies: Artificial Intelligence, Business Process Management (BPM), Geolocated Social Network guarantee all stakeholders to co-design together hospital and services.

The platform FirstLife provides a geolocated system to activate participatory processes between all internal and external stakeholders. Doctors, nurses, health workers, auxiliary staff and all actors involved can participate actively to redesign the internal process management and the clinical paths, also reporting critical points in the actual organization of work. The map returns a spatial representation of the processes activated by user’s interactions, encouraging coordination and cooperation to share proposals and go beyond critical points.

In the next steps FirstLife will be a tool for overall coordination, based on flows visualization and collaborative monitoring of internal process management.

Partnership: 2 big enterprises (Consoft Sistemi e Santer Reply), 14 SME, University and Polytechnics of Torino; 2 private research centers (Collegio Carlo Alberto and ISI Foundation), 4 hospitals .

Duration: 2019-2021. Funded by the regional programme POR/FESR - PIATTAFORMA TECNOLOGICA “SALUTE E BENESSERE”