PIUMA - Personalized Interactive Urban Maps for Autism

Published on Oct 08, 2020 by Guido Boella


The project aims to help people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) move and live within cities by means of a/THROUGH new digital service that provides interactive personalized maps.

ASD is marked by a tendency of withdrawal from social relationships and implies the need of finding reassurance in repetitive routines, making it hard to manage unexpected events. These characteristics entail peculiar spatial representation modalities and the need of tailored supports for orientation and movements in the urban environment.

The project aims to provide such support especially to adult individuals with medium or high functioning autism, or with Asperger’s Syndrome (now categorized as a form of ASD), since an orientation support for such people could highly impact on their autonomy, making the transition from a state of (partial) dependency to a state of autonomy.

The map in FirstLife was adopted to facilitate people with ASD for orientation in the urban space, developing specific functionalities involving the same users.

Duration: 2017-19

Homepage: http://piuma.di.unito.it/